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Cleaner in Savage MN

Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable, but they don’t always stay that way. You need to clean them regularly to prevent damage and keep them looking beautiful. Check out these tips for keeping your wood floors in good shape:

Use the Right Mop

An old-fashioned mop with a rotating cloth is better than one that uses pads. The modern versions of these tools use a rubber pad on the end of a stick, but they don’t have any way of agitating the surface of the floor (you move the whole thing back and forth), so unless you have access to a powerful vacuum cleaner or another suction device, they won’t do much good.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming at least once a week will help keep dust, dirt, and sand from being ground into the wood. You can use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment on hardwood floors to remove dust and dirt from the surface. To further protect your floor from wear and damage, use a sweeper or broom to clean up spills immediately after they occur rather than waiting for them to dry on your hardwood floors.

Wood Cleaners

The first thing to keep in mind when cleaning your hardwood floors is that you should always apply wood cleaners in the same direction as the wood grain. If you’re cleaning a floor with a beveled edge, you’ll want to move from left to right or vice versa. If it’s flat, go back and forth in straight lines.

Don’t scrub too hard. You should use enough pressure to dislodge dirt or grime but not so much that you damage the finish on your floors. Make sure not to use too much water or cleaner either—you can easily dilute these products by adding too much liquid at once. If spilled, these liquids will spread across flooring areas unnecessarily and may even cause permanent damage if they get into cracks or between boards where they’re harder to clean up later on down the line.

Dry the Floor

If you’re cleaning your floor with a mop, it’s best to use a squeegee or cloth to remove the excess water from the floor. You can also lay a towel on top of the floor, and then use your mop to absorb all of the excess moisture by moving it back and forth over the towel.

To help speed up this process, set up a fan in front of your space heater or dehumidifier to blow air across it. This will have a more significant effect if you have an area rug underfoot that traps dust particles and other allergens—the fan will force these particles upward so you can vacuum them easily.

Hardwood Floors are an Investment

Your hardwood floors are an investment and a great way to add elegance to your home. They can last for decades if properly cared for, but the process isn’t always straightforward.

You should buff your hardwood floors every 6-12 months with a clean cotton cloth or mop dampened with distilled water (avoid products that contain bleach). This will help keep the finish intact while minimizing scratches on the surface of the wood. Be sure not to use too much pressure when buffing so as not to cause damage!

So there you have it! The basics of how to clean hardwood floors. We hope this article has answered some questions for you, but if not feel free to contact us at Divine Shine Cleaning Company, your local cleaners in Savage, Minnesota.

Cleaner in Savage MN

Cleaner in Savage MN

Cleaner in Savage MN